The Seminar on Economics and Public Administration (CEPAD) is a cooperation between the faculty of Social Science and Economics. SIMAD University CEPAD constantly organizes and conducts academic conventions and lately the institute ran the next conference on public policy, administration development, and economics. The convention is conducted to provide ideas and strategies to students to overcome challenges connected with public policy, management development, and economics faced by the nation in general and government institutions.

It is made up of 5 degrees; ESP 080-Foundation, ESP 090-Beginner, ESP 100-Intermediate, ESP 101-Advanced, and ESP 102-Mastery. At SIMAD University, the Faculty of Management Sciences presents excellent learning experience aimed at developing skills in the area of accounting, business, management, and promotion. The school offers degree in business administration, procurement and logistics management, accounting, and banking and finance. College of Computing has the newest hardware and software installed.

The Institute significantly aims in the development of permanent learning together with the quest of skill and knowledge, Such pursuit created an atmosphere of advice, support, expression, and free question that is very essential, SIMAD UNIVERSITY is quite devoted to promoting nonviolent co-existence among different kinds of individuals who acknowledge diverse ideologies, cultures, and worth, The college is devoted to the core values of excellence, cooperation, constant learning, and principles and values.

For the in-house program, you will find masters’ levels for example; Master’s of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy, Master’s of Arts in Public Policy, Master’s of Science in Networking, Master’s of Science in Banking and Finance, and Master’s of Science in Marketing Program. The Open University Malaysia (OUM) post-graduate program offers Master’s Degree in Business Management (MBA), Master of Project Management (MPM), Master of Information Technology and Networking, Master of Education, Master of Software Engineering, and Post-graduate Diploma in Education.

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